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24/7 Customer Support

SB SOLUTION ASIA customers are our number one priority and we take our responsibilities towards them seriously. We level mutual relationships with each client on individual approaches based on the activity, handling and history of product use. We have systems that help us observe and monitor the client’s entire history on allocations. We regularly monitor and analyse client databases to help us provide tailored bonuses for different player segments. We initiate regular incoming calls to increase loyalty, congratulatory emails and phone calls, over-charging bonuses according to the individual layout and determine the level of player loyalty.

We maintain:

  • 24/7 support including weekends and holidays
  • Key quantity and quality index provision
  • Easily-integrated multi-lingual help
  • State-of-the-art analysis technology
  • Universal support available via phone, email, chat, and social media


Clients are SB SOLUTION’s top priority. We don’t operate “a one size fits all” strategy and we don’t practice a multiple account management system. Client requests are unique, that is why we provide a personal account manager, who is always available to assist and find solutions to your problems. We have highly-motivated members of staff and each receives specific gaming industry training.

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Risk & Fraud Management

The Risk and Fraud Management Department is staffed by our most trusted and experienced former traders, network security experts, and psychologists, who monitor player behaviour and market trends. The power, precision, and flexibility of our program gives us and our partners strong protection against fraud. But we continually seek to strengthen our security system, as it is the key factor in protecting our operations.

Risk monitoring is a collaborative venture between top-notch electronic systems and vigilant employees in order to make online betting as safe as can be. We possess one of the biggest betting and gaming platforms in the world. We constantly push technical boundaries, adding new applications and functionality to our portfolio.

Regulations & Licensing

The rapid expansion of the iGaming industry into new territories provides a host of new business opportunities for our customers. Digitain is well-placed to assist them in a transparent, well-controlled, and regulated manner, following the guidance of all of the relevant regulatory agencies. We are experienced in guiding clients through the technical requirements in regulated markets and are compliant with local licensing. We cooperate closely with regulatory authorities and independent certification and our team is always able to assist with licensing queries.

IT & Hosting Services

Digitain is a one-stop-shop offering our clients cutting-edge technology and proven performance. Our 800 + professionals provide you with a verity of hosting options, including:


Complex hosting that apply to physical and virtual servers

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Managed hosting services, where Digitain manages the equipment and offers clients full control

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Web hosting, where clients can make their website accessible

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Email hosting, where clients have the capacity to operate email servers

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Game servers, where already connected clients, can maintain their own accurate version of the game and follow their players’ processes

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