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Key Features
30,000 + Real Live Monthly Events
7,500 + Leagues
3,000 + Betting Markets
300 + In-House Traders
100 + Software Developers
65 + Sports

We offer a state-of-the-art Sportsbook with a multi-lingual, multi-currency interface that can integrate with any operator platform. It comes with a strong API Integration which helps our operators to add games to that platform.
Scoreboards on our website display real-time match details using graphics and statistics. These are available on each live Football, Tennis, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Hockey and Baseball match and can be provided through API as a separate product, or as part of our full service offering.

All our odds and match markets are calculated in-house by our own traders. They cover all types of sports in pre-match and over 30,000 Live Events per month. Our Pre-Match Department offers odds on over 65 sports and events, 7,500 leagues worldwide and over 3,000 betting markets.
Our Planning Department gathers live match information from in-stadia reporters and video coverage, and our Live Matches Calendar is updated at least a week before the games. Meanwhile, the Live Matches Allocation Department uses our signature Automatic Match Allocation Program as a basis for the Live trading calendar. This program distributes upcoming matches suitable to the skills of the traders, using a highly sophisticated algorithm identifying the experience of that trader and the ranking of the match in order to optimise the distribution.

The Bonus Engine gives operators an opportunity to provide a wide range of promotional campaigns, using different triggers and wagering systems, including:

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